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Information: Laviniu Tirca (

Address: 14734 NE 39th St. 2006, Bellevue, WA 98007


"Gini" - High performance, two seats sailplane.

            Project Gini - presentation Powerpoint file Wing loading and stall information

            360 rotation animation

            3D rendered pictures:

                    Gini near Wenatchee airport, WA...

                    Gini near "Enchantment lakes", WA...

"Mixed grill" CNC router - Hobby grade, 3 axis CNC router. Range: 4' x 2' x 6".

                                         Read only 3D plans available below for free:

                                                 The model requires ModelPress reader. Download from here.

                                                 Webpage with the 3D model of the router (slow to load 11.5 MB).

                                                 Download model only from here.

                                         Build photos:  Side view  Y,Z axes  Servo control unit

                                                               Table frame Almost finished Front view